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Also known as

Melissa Louren




La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France






5'5" (or 165 cm)


118 lbs (or 54 kg)



Bra/cup size:

34D (75D)



Years active:

2002 - 2012

About Melissa Lauren

Melissa Lauren (born in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France) is a French pornographic actress and director.

Melissa Lauren started off studying as a cook for three years and worked in Paris as a pastry chef. After reading an ad in a newspaper from French porn director John B. Root, Lauren began filming six days later, in June of 2003.

Melissa Lauren stated In November 2006 that she would stop performing in heterosexual pornographic scenes, and instead would focus more on directing pornographic films. She would continue to perform with women, in solo scenes, and in photo shoots. She had already directed several films. However, in her blog entries on Myspace, she has stated that she is signed to a porn company called Marc Dorcel in France and as of late 2007 had performed in a gang bang scene with four male performers, proving she is still performing heterosexual scenes. She has also stated that she does not plan to retire from porn anytime soon.

Melissa Lauren’s work as a porn actress includes anal sex, ass to mouth and deep throat. She has a tattoo on her right forearm stating Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit (What Nourishes Me Also Destroys Me).

Melissa Lauren has starred in over 250 films. She has sparkling blue eyes and long hair which she sometimes dyes black or brown. To Her credit is the 2007 AVN Award for the Best Group Sex Scene from Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge, the 2007 FICEB Ninfa award for the Most Original Sex Sequence from the same video and the 2008 AVN award of Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production for her video Furious Fuckers Final Race.

Melissa Lauren suffered from Chlamydia twice and once from a serious pelvic inflammatory disease due to her ventures in the porn industry for which she had to be rushed to France for surgery. Late in 2006 She declared her decision to focus more on directing and her farewell from heterosexual clips. She continued acting in lesbian porn and posing for photo shoots. However, in 2007, Melissa did a gangbang scene with four male stars. She says she has signed with Marc Dorcel, a French company, and has already directed many porn videos. Check Out Hawaiian Pornstar Kascha Papillon Website

Melissa Lauren has also taken part in many on-screen orgies, drinking of semen, and hardcore anal sex. She has directed Anal Aspirations 7, Un-Natural Sex 21, Plucked Then Fucked, Girls Will Be Girls 2 and Hellfire Sex and acted in Fuck Doll Sandwich, Anal Retentive 4, Ass Breeder, Cumstains 3, Assed Out 2, Tough Love 4, Very Very Bad Santa among hundreds of others.

Some questions from Melissa Lauren Fans and Answer Directly From Melissa Lauren…

– On how she entered the adult industry ?

Well, it’s pretty simple. I graduated from culinary school when I was 17, moved to Paris to work, where I got hired by the Four Seasons hotel as a pastry chef.

Worked there for about a year. Very hard, stressful, misogynist job (especially when you work in a restaurant that is amongst the top 12 in the country)… for very little pay (needless to say the cost of living in Paris is quite high).

So I looked into a newspaper for casting ads (regular modeling). Went to a couple of agencies, who all told me I was too short (5′4″). So I looked further down the casting page and read this: “looking for women, 18-25 for softcore and hardcore productions”.

I visited the website, called the person in charge, met with the producer of the site, and after 5 days did my first scene and gave notice to the Four Seasons I was leaving.

I had already watched a couple of movies and decided “why not? doesn’t look that hard”. I was never the kind of girl to expect a guy to take care of me. I knew from an early age I wanted to be independent and make my own money, just didn’t know how yet. So no, it wasn’t a dream to be a pornstar, and I wasn’t “so horny, I could never get satisfied so I decided to do porn”… lol I laugh so much everytime I hear a girl say that.

So yeah it was purely a financial decision. Then I started really liking it. Today, I love it. I mean I have sex, get paid for it, travel, meet all kinds of people… and more important, I don’t have to sit in an office from 9-5 and deal with a dickhead boss.

Also I got to experiment things that I had never done before in my personal life (girls, dp’s, bondage, etc..), so it’s been a lot of fun!

Actually, I’d say porn is the best thing that’s happened to me… cause I’m so shy when I like a guy, if it wasn’t for doing scenes I’d never get laid! lol.

– On her breasts:

I love them!!!!! I wish I would have gotten them done sooner. I love having a dick between them and then get all the cum over my face (or preferably down my throat.. hehe). It’s so sexy!

– On gaming:

I play World of Warcraft. Like.. a lot. lol. I love that game!

I just bought Age of Conan but not sure if I should install it on my computer because then I will really have no life at all.. not good! And for the same reason, I do not own a console, Did I mention I often play topless?


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